We have been working with PReP Health with their telehealth websites, and, for more than 12 months. These websites provide safe and private methods of accessing prescriptions and specialist referrals online for PReP medication and men’s sexual health.

We have recently launched their next area of care with RoidSafe. RoidSafe removes the in-person clinical consultation and allows users of illegal steroids to refer themselves directly for a health check at over 10,000 pathology collection centres Australia-wide.

The RoidSafe website is a revolutionary way to get access to health checks for those using illegal steroids. The user can subscribe to the service and then refer themselves directly to a pathology collection centre for a blood test. This means that they do not need to see a doctor or nurse in person, which removes the stigma around seeking help for steroid use.

The subscription-based model means that users can access the service as often as they need it, without having to pay for each individual test. This makes it more affordable and accessible, as well as giving users the peace of mind that they are regularly checking their health.

The RoidSafe website is an important step in tackling the problem of illegal steroid use in Australia.

Take a look at their new website:

What we did

  • Website design & development
  • Optimised responsive website
  • eCommerce Subscriptions
  • Customer self-severing dashboard
  • Interactive form questionnaires
  • Customer journey steps, tracking and follow-up
  • Development of modular systems, expandable & manageable
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