Originally released in 2018, Vouchie is an online directory of businesses where users can purchase gift vouchers which are then emailed straight to the recipient. The main focus was to help connect small businesses with their consumers online, making gift-giving effortless and instant. Vouchie provides small businesses with a low-cost alternative to investing in their own online sales system. Over the last 3 years the first version of Vouchie has been very successful, selling around 3,000 vouchers, totalling $358,018 in revenue to the participating businesses. Treating it as a working minimum viable product, we have been embracing user feedback to influence improvements to the system.


In June of this year, we released a new version of Vouchie implementing new features in response to vendor feedback along with an updated design and user experience. The new version continues to be a combination of a directory and eCommerce system, however, we eliminated a step in the customer journey. Although vendors link to their Vouchie product direct from their website and social media, users finding Vouchie via search engines would browse the vendors by category or location, view a vendor listing page, and click through to their product page to purchase. The purpose of the listing page is to provide information and images about each vendor. The new version combines the listing page with the product eliminating a click. Eliminating this extra click creates a quicker and more seamless user experience, increasing the chance of a final purchase.

The original version relied on the vendor maintaining a record of vouchers sold in their own existing system, be that an existing Point of Sale, spreadsheet, or paper based. For some businesses, this layer of admin was a pain point and also caused a security risk. The new version of Vouchie gives each vendor their own voucher management portal. The vendor can search their voucher codes, check for redemption status, and fully or partially redeem a voucher at the point of sale. It is designed for tablets or mobile phones and eliminates the issue of misplaced Vouchers. Vendors can also resend a voucher to the recipient should the customer misplace their email.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic came a wider acceptance and familiarity with QR codes as well as the imperative to minimise contact in transaction. Each voucher includes a QR code, uniquely branded to that business, allowing them to easily find the gift voucher code in their system by scanning it with an iPad or mobile device. The vendor can scan the QR code to check for redemption status and partially or fully redeem the voucher at the point of sale without contact. This makes the instore redemption process fast and smooth.


As with any innovation we are constantly looking for improvements in the system and have some more admin tasks to eliminate in future feature releases. To learn more about the system click here https://vouchie.com.au/sell-a-voucher/. A free trial is currently being offered to new businesses. Click here to take up the offer.

What we did

  • Website design & development
  • Mobile responsive development
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce development
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