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A knockout partnership in new brand success

We first collaborated with Kelly O’Rourke and KO Studio a few years ago after she developed the very successful and distinctive brand for Mercer Wines, and since then, we have been fortunate to be selected to work on a number of new brands and businesses. We love working with start-ups and new brands as we feel their excitement and because of our focus on relationships and quality we feel part of the team and their journey.

We at HyperWeb do not use off-the-shelf theme templates for our WordPress website development projects. Our process involves starting with a blank theme and developing each site to be unique and suited to the client’s target market. Because of this, we are able to provide a development service to graphic and web designers that is not restricted by theme templates in any way, giving them complete design freedom.

Mercer Wines

Aaron and Alison Mercer are the team behind the innovative and sustainable winery Mercer Wines. Aaron is a very experienced and well-respected winemaker in the Hunter Valley, and Alison is a very forward-thinking and professional marketing mind. They engaged both KO Studio and HyperWeb to bring their new brand online. With guidance from KO Studio and the client, we developed a concise website that is very visually appealing with some nice mouse-over UX elements that emphasise the brand identity behind each bottle of wine. We developed a WooCommerce online store to sell their wines online with a simple subscription offering. We have later assisted with an internal booking system, which saves Mercer Wines from having to pay fees to a third-party booking system provider.

Check out the Mercer Wines website here, and be sure to buy some of their unique and organic wines in time for Christmas.

Walker Family Law

KO Studio client Walker Family Law is the beneficiary of a very unique and stand out design for a law firm in the Newcastle market. The design is soft but with a distinctive and clear brand mark. This was a fun project for us as web developers both because of it’s uniqueness and because of the web development challenges presented by the design. We take pride in taking on a design without requesting alterations from the designer ensuring their original vision is delivered.

Check out the Walker Family Law website here.

Synchronicity Wealth

KO Studio came to us with another new organisation, this time in the financial planning sector. Again Kelly designed a site with a difference. This is effective in making a brand stand out in a crowded market place. It can be risky with organisations such as legal services and financial planning where safety and security are key in their clients minds, however KO Studio has managed to negotiate this with soothing colours, clear brand messaging, authentic photography, and well structured content (provided by KB Copywriting). Another project that we as web developers would call fun with UX challenges in combing brand elements on a page while ensuring content clarity.

Check out the Synchronicity Wealth website here.

Hunter Ethical Disability Support Services

You might have noticed a pattern forming in the KO Studio approach. Hunter Disability Support Services (HEDSS) are a new organisation in the NDIS Support Services space. Again, KO Studio has developed a brand with a difference. We at HyperWeb accepted a very challenging design with the requirement for movement that accentuates the brand elements. A scroll through the content of this site is engaging with a combination of fun, clear messaging, authentic photography, and strategic content (again from KB Copywriting). In addition to delivering website development on the challenging page designs, we developed enhanced functionality for gathering referrals via a comprehensive but inviting online referral form.

Check out the HEDSS website here.

Leader Evolution

Small websites can pack a big punch. Leader Evolution is a leadership consultancy backed by psychologists, strategists, and coaches. Another new identity was created and launched in 2022 combining a clean and effective design from KO Studio which we developed keeping faith with the original design. The brand is effectively delivered via the design and the website resulting in a professional website for the client.

Check out the Leader Evolution website here.

HyperWeb has built a strong reputation for bringing graphic designers’ visions to life, especially in partnership with local specialists like KO Studio. By avoiding off-the-shelf themes and starting from a blank canvas, we offer unique, tailored website solutions that truly represent a brand’s identity. This approach has led to successful collaborations on various projects, from Mercer Wines’ visually appealing site with engaging UX elements to Walker Family Law’s distinctive online presence. HyperWeb’s flexibility and focus on a comfortable and effective web development experience and quality of work make us a valuable asset for graphic designers looking to translate their creative designs into functional, standout websites. Whether it’s a winery, law firm, financial planner, disability support service, or leadership consultancy, our commitment to relationship-building and bringing each brand’s story to life online is represented in our work with KO Studio.

It’s always a wonderful collaboration working with HyperWeb, which is why we reach out to them so often when a new website project hits the studio. The team are always open to new ideas, adaptable to functionality requests, and extremely generous with their technical knowledge. As a designer, it’s so refreshing to work with a development team that can not only bring your vision to life, but elevate it when the project launches into the world. This partnership has lifted our portfolio of brands to new heights, and we look forward to sharing more creative endeavours with HyperWeb in the years to come. Love your work HyperWeb!

Kelly O’Rourke, Creative Director | KO Studio


Partnerships are a core part of HyperWeb’s values and brand. This is the meaning behind the +H symbol in our logo. We seek to develop partnerships with our clients but also with other local specialists in order to deliver results that offer a greater value than the sum of the costs of their parts. We are proud that we are trusted as a partner by a number of local brand developers and graphic designers to bring their work to life as a website for their clients.

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