Manning Valley Anglican College

Website Development in Alignment with Values

Manning Valley Anglican College (MVAC) is a school of the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. The school and Newcastle Anglican recognised the need for a comprehensive digital presence that aligned with their commitment to excellence in education and community engagement. Partnering with HyperWeb, we embarked on a transformational website development project.

Goals and Objectives

The primary aim of the project was to create a website that served as a digital expression of MVAC’s values and educational ethos. Our mission was to achieve this via:

Effective Communication: A platform that resonates with the school community’s needs and speaks volumes to potential new students and parents.
Content Management Simplicity: An interface allowing for streamlined updates and management, empowering the staff to keep the site current with minimal technical knowledge.
Excellent User Experience: A design that captivates and provides a seamless experience to first-time and returning visitors, encouraging deeper exploration of the school’s offerings.

Success Metrics

The success of the newly developed website would be evaluated against specific targets:

  • A steady increase in website traffic, reflective of a broader reach.
  • A significant reduction in bounce rates, indicative of enhanced user engagement.
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the school community, underscoring the site’s functionality and appeal.
  • An uptick in enrolment inquiries, proving the site’s effectiveness in attracting new students.

Implementation Process

The development unfolded in several key stages:

  • Initial consultations and strategy sessions to align MVAC’s vision with the HyperWeb team’s expertise.
  • Design and development phases with a focus on aesthetic appeal and navigational simplicity, and including brand alignment with Newcastle Anglican.
  • Iterative testing and refinement, incorporating feedback from the MVAC team to fine-tune user experience.

Despite the normal challenges that a website development project brings, aligning diverse expectations and adapting to evolving project specifications including a rebrand, the team adhered to a collaborative and flexible approach to meet client expectations.

Website Features and Functionality

The final product included essential features such as:

  • Intuitive navigation and layout to guide users effortlessly to information.
  • Mobile responsiveness, ensuring access across multiple device types.
  • Specialised school features like news sections to keep the community informed and engaged.

Benefits and Impact

Post launch, the results were immediate and profound:

  • Improved perceived professionalism of MVAC due to a modern and effective online image.
  • Stronger community pride in the school, thanks in part to effective digital communication.
  • Positive feedback from existing and prospective families.

The success story of Manning Valley Anglican College’s website development highlights the transformative power of a carefully thought out and executed digital strategy. The newly launched website is not just a tool but a cornerstone in the school’s outreach, reflecting its dedication to providing an exceptional educational environment. The collaboration between MVAC and HyperWeb stands as a testament to what can be achieved with shared vision, expert execution, and a responsive approach to client feedback.

Working collaboratively with the HyperWeb team allowed our vision to become a reality. They simplified the process and made it easy. The objective was to create a visually appealing site showcasing our high standard of educational opportunities while maintaining functionality for our parent community. The user experience was always at the forefront, not only for our existing MVAC community but also for potential families looking for new schooling opportunities.

HyperWeb took the time to understand our needs and provided a responsive service to our feedback and changes. Their capabilities to manage the project across multiple teams allowed unity to flow across our organisation and the Newcastle Anglican Diocese.

Overall, HyperWeb delivered our vision. They surpassed our expectations, aligning our core values into a digital platform that we can be proud of.

Erin Saunders, Marketing and Communications Officer


For more info about Manning Valley Anglican College, check out their website.

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