A website or digital marketing activities can not succeed without a plan. You need to understand the needs of both your business and your market.

For your business, the strategy needs to take into account the balance between the requirements and goals of your business, as well as the needs of your customers and clients. This free two-hour strategy workshop answers these questions specifically for your business. These answers then form the guide for every decision you make in terms of your website and marketing content, function, structure, channels, and design.

What you will get

  • + an understanding of your business goals
  • + an understanding of what your market is looking for
  • + a review of your existing website, or a plan for a new website
  • + what potential your existing or new website can fulfil in meeting the aims of your business and your users
  • + content plan and website home page wireframe
  • + functionality, design, UX, & SEO advice
  • + a simple plan for digital marketing that drives traffic and results through your website

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