10 Year Challenge – Lets take a look back at 2009


You’ve seen it going around your social feeds, the 10 year challenge, reminiscing on your ten years younger self, and how far you’ve come since then.

So we thought we’d take you down memory lane, reminding you of the internet that once was 2009.

In 2009 there were just over 234 million websites on the web. As of 2019 we are very nearly approaching 2 billion.

When comparing Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet market share in 2009 mobile took a measly 1.64% of the cake (tablets not being around then). Now in 2019 Desktop still leads the market share at 49%, mobile at 40% and tablet at 11%. This isn’t an internet usage comparison, but you can pick up what we’re putting down – how times have changed.

In 2009 real-time web hit the ground running from the success of Twitter, with Facebook introducing real-time stream in the users sidebar, turning creep-ability up and giving you a not so valid reason to check your socials multiple times a day to see who’s commented what 3 minutes ago.

Online news giants announced an upcoming pay wall on access to online content to combat steep declines in print purchases. Although still in place, let’s see what 10 years brings. With the variety of online news sources readily available do we really want to pay for content? We think not unless value add is prominent.

In other fun internet trivia David after Dentist was a cracker of a video for its time, enjoy it again here:

Speaking of youtube, on the 17th of January 2009 it looked like this:

Barely recognisable – lets not go back.

Now time to take minute to appreciate what has come into our lives since 2009… Facebook Messenger – can you imagine messaging your friends and not know if they’ve seen it or not… the waiting anxiety does not sound appealing. Photo sharing platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest were released and took social media to a whole new level. Netflix made its way onto the scene in Australia followed by competing entertainment streaming services, Amazon opened up to the Australian market, along with other large international retailers.

So what will 2029 bring us? Who knows, but we’re excited.

Also here’s a fun throwback to HyperWeb (then Communications) in early 2009.

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