7 things you need to do now for your mobile consumers


Last post I wrote about the percentages of website traffic coming from mobile devices in various business sectors. It clearly demonstrated the importance of being geared for mobile accessibility for your online communications. So what should businesses do right now to ensure the potential of reaching mobile customers is at its optimum.

  1. Mobile friendly content – if you are doing social media marketing, it will be important that your content suits the channels used. Overwhelmingly, social media is consumed via mobile devices so you will need to ensure your content is consumable in your followers stream. Consider the use of video channels such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram, and SnapChat.
  2. Loyalty Programs – particularly if you have an online shop (responsive and optimised for mobile of course) you can encourage regular purchases by offering a membership access and provide quick and easy ordering. Add more value to the experience by rewarding loyalty for membership and frequent purchases by giving discount incentive loyalty points for purchases.
  3. Mobile Advertising – Get on the map – The Google search return on a mobile device is even more dominated by Google Ads & Places. Consider running Google Ad campaign dedicated to mobile search with click to phone call to action. Make sure your site is listed as a Google Location and your SEO is mobile focussed.
  4. Mobile Responsive eNewsletter – You should be using an eNewsletter as part of your overall digital marketing mix, if you aren’t, contact us to help you fix that. If you are, how mobile friendly is your eNews presentation?
  5. What is your data telling you? – You should be regularly analysing your website traffic data, particularly the technology data. What content is being sought, with what device, and by how many?
  6. Look at your website on a mobile first – Successful retailers walk into the front door of their shop to get a customer view of its presentation. Given that it is likely at least half your website visitors will be on a mobile, how does it look for them? We have a mobile first strategy for design & development, so take a look and make sure your mobile presentation online is not an afterthought.
  7. Can an App increase sales? – Consider offering your products or services information via a native smartphone app. If someone has downloaded an app to do business with you, the conversion is mostly done. You can strip down your content to focus entirely on what your consumers are looking for giving them fast access and purchase. No need for “about us” info, no need for “sales heavy” home pages, serve the product straight up.

These are a few things to consider in your mobile marketing strategy to make sure your marketing investments are not wasted, and you are not losing to your mobile focussed competitors. Give us a call for a free review of your marketing channel mix.

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