How We Focus On Your Market To Create Value For Your Business


When developing a website, it is important to separate yourself, your own creative inclinations, and your market. What you want your business to look like on the web may not be what your market is expecting, and indeed, may be off putting. The reason? You may not be addressing the problems you solve for your market in a clear enough way to appeal to their visual enquiry. This can also occur if you are trying to fit your business into a fixed template or package, rather than having your users, and your strategic fit drive the design, user experience, and development process.

This is the role we play in scoping a website design and development project. It is our job to balance the expectations of our clients with the expectations of their clients. We do this via the HyperWeb Value Loop approach. The our concept of the value loop begins at an investigation into your end-users; who they are, where do they access your business, and why are they coming to you. From there we move to the strategic fit required by your businesses. We believe if we deliver value to your clients in what we produce, that value will be passed on to you who serves them.

It is essential that your website is designed to present a solution to your clients, but also to you as a business. This is the second part of the HyperWeb Value Loop. This is the strategic look at your business goals. Are you seeking an increase in market visibility? An increase in sales, or enquiries? Or are you seeking to provide an unforgettable experience with your brand and its values?

It is our role to understand your objectives, and how to marry those with the needs of your clients. The third part of the HyperWeb Value Loop is how we use the right mix of design techniques, developing tools, and technologies to achieve success. There is no one-size fits all solution to this mix. Each business is unique as far as the personality of the business, its competitive advantages, and resources allow. This is why we bring our approach to each project with fresh and dedicated solutions to challenges in both design and user experience.

The key feature of the HyperWeb Value Loop approach is that it is an ongoing loop we participate in with each client and project. It allows for innovation to occur and develop. It delivers us and our clients with experiences and learnings that are implemented in ongoing improvement. In this age of fast paced change and high competition, the value loop rolls along with it, rather than falling behind and playing catch up when it might be too late. If you want to join us with a digital project and be in the loop, contact us today.

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