International Women’s Day


Celebrating women and striving for equality in the workforce

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a globally recognised event celebrated annually on March 8th.

For me, IWD is about celebrating the amazing achievements of women. It’s about acknowledging how far we have come and marks a call to action on how far we still have to go when it comes to equality in our society. It’s about educating both men and women on a gender equal world.

At HyperWeb we are fortunate to work with some incredible businesses who celebrate and strive towards equality.

In honour of IWD we asked some of our clients how their workplace is actively working towards “breaking the bias” against stereotypes, inequality, and discrimination.

Seed People Consulting

IWD, Seed People Consulting

As a team, we live out every day the need to break down the bias of gender-stereotyped roles – this can’t just happen at work, it needs to happen at home too. Noone in our team (male or female) can deliver the amazing work we do with clients in an environment in which we are stereotyped as the home-maker or the primary carer for our families. We encourage all workplaces to recheck the symbols, systems and messages they send by assuming that women have a particular role in the family home, that men cannot (or do not) perform.

Personally, as a small business owner, I could never achieve what I have achieved, without my partner in crime (AKA my husband and our Business Development Manager) keeping our home and our family on an even keel and enabling me every day to be the best I can be: both at home and at work. This is not a ‘woman’s issue’, this is a society issue that sits with all genders and can only be resolved with commitment from all of our community.

De Iuliis Wines

IWD, De iuliis

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the equality in our workplace. Over half of the De Iuliis team are women and we actively celebrate diversity, encourage training and networking opportunities to help our fabulous females thrive!


IWD Flanagans

Flanagans are actively building a culture towards one that is equitable and inclusive.
#BreakTheBias to us means we are breaking down the barriers for woman in the workforce.
We are all equal and should be treated on our merits not a stereotype.

ATB Morton

ATB Morton

There’s a lot of talk around ‘Women In Construction’, however we believe the best way to diversify the workplace is to remove the gender from the role and promote the industry for what it is. Yeah, there’s dirt, mud and long days exposed to the elements; but there’s also endless opportunities for growth, various career pathways and an opportunity to learn something new every day. By breaking down the barriers, you open the door to finding the best possible people for your team no matter what gender they identify as.

AGH Camps

IWD AGH camps

I’ve seen first-hand the bias towards males in key positions in the Outdoor Recreation industry. Our goal when setting up our company structure was to break the bias and give women an equal opportunity to show the skills they have. We are proud to say that 80% of our workforce is females, who we found showed more empathy, resilience, willingness to learn and develop their skills, leadership, and greater communication skills.

Jenkins Legal Services

IWD Jenkins

At Jenkins Legal Services we celebrate the achievements of each and every one of our special ladies. International Women’s Day and it’s 2022 theme of #Breakthebias is a great time for us to reflect on whether men and women are all being given the same opportunities. Australia led the way in early women’s rights which we are proud of, however, today we have quite a low number of women in business executive roles compared to other countries. This is something we need to keep working on as a community and nation. Here at Jenkins Legal Services we aim to have both men and women in leadership roles. It really is a ‘no-brainer’ for us.

Beechnut Medical Rooms


At Beechnut Medical Rooms we work hard in everything we do and our dedicated all female administrative support team certainly does break bias. We see the women in our team for the unique skills that they bring regardless of age, where many workplaces can’t see the value we see real depth of experience and expertise.



#breakthebias is all about a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. At Hunterlink we strive to #breakthebias daily by removing the stigma that surrounds mental health and wellbeing, encouraging a non-judgemental environment for everyone to reach out and gain support. Hunterlink’s CEO, Christine Field and Operations Manager Jenelle Connors lead a team of qualified counsellors that support a range of workplaces primarily in heavy industries.

Commercial Collective

Commercial collective

A strong female team, Morgan Newling was recently promoted as General Manager of Commercial Collective.

Rundle Tailoring


Many of our factory workers are migrants that could not speak English or had little English when they arrived in Australia and started working for us. They were highly skilled from the work experience gained in their home country and we recognise & value their contribution to our family business. We have always given opportunities to people of all cultures, nationalities, age and education as it makes for a diverse workforce.

Food Farmacy


I believe that despite cultural differences, the world can be a safe and beautiful place for woman when we encourage and empower one another. Breaking the barriers of discrimination and inequality starts with me and the one woman I choose to mentor.

Emicro & Newcastle Street Furniture

IWD emicro

There are absolutely no limits on what you can achieve. Your possibilities are truly endless, and you have the power to create the life and business of your dreams. You must find the place inside of you where everything is possible.


IWD, Powerearth

Measure your success on the change you make in the world and the lives of the people around you.

Mercer Wines

mercer winesWe celebrate inclusiveness, individual strengths, professional development and flexibility for the Mercer Wines team because we value our people. We want our team to be the best they can be and always be comfortable to be themselves at work.

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