Simplifying Google’s Core Update and Spam Policies for Business Owners


Overview of March 2024 Core Update

Google has released its latest core update, which is being rolled out in March 2024. The focus is to prioritise content that’s made for people, not just for generating clicks. What does this mean for you as a business owner? Simply put, Google will reward web pages with high-quality, useful content over those merely trying to game the system with clickbait.

The changes in Google’s core systems are more intricate this time around; they are using advanced techniques to better gauge the value of the content you provide to your audience.

The rollout will gradually be completed over the next month, and you might notice some shifts in your website’s search rankings during this period.

The good news is that if you’ve been focusing on creating content that truly helps your customers, there’s nothing extra you need to do. If you’re seeing a dip in rankings, we recommend checking out this guide on creating content with your audience in mind.

Understanding New Spam Policies

Google is also introducing new spam policies to ensure your search results stay relevant and trustworthy. Here’s what you need to know:

Expired Domain Abuse

Using an expired domain to post irrelevant content just to exploit the previous owner’s good SEO work doesn’t work anymore. If you buy an old domain, your content should be original and aimed at real users—not just trying to score SEO points.

Scaled Content Abuse

Creating countless pages of non-original content to climb the SEO ladder? That won’t work either. Google’s new rules ensure that every page, whether created by hand or machine, aims to help your audience.

Site Reputation Abuse

Lastly, allowing third-party content without proper oversight can damage your site’s reputation. Be mindful about the content others publish on your site—if it’s not meant for your actual audience and is just there to manipulate rankings, it could spell trouble for your site’s visibility on Google.

Taking Action

If your content crosses the line with Google’s spam policies, you may find your website ranking lower or not showing up at all in search results. And if your site gets a manual spam action, you will be alerted via the Google Search Console. You can then review your content and ask for another evaluation.

Our SEO clients will have this managed for them. However, we don’t believe any of our clients will be adversely affected. If you are not currently an SEO client, click here to view our services.

Clear Takeaways for Business Owners

To keep it simple for you:

  • Your content should help and appeal to actual people, not just search engines.
  • Writing naturally and meaningfully for your audience is key to success.
  • Avoid taking shortcuts with expired domains or mass-generated content that doesn’t add value.
  • Stay involved with the content published on your site and keep your audience at the forefront.

With these updates, Google aims to ensure that reliable and valuable content gets the visibility it deserves. For business owners, this means sticking to authentic, helpful content, which will not only serve your customers better but also align with Google’s vision for a quality-driven search experience. If you would like an assessment of your website to see if your content is vulnerable, feel free to get in touch for a free consultation.

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