The Bold and The Not So Beautiful


Long gone are the days where websites need to have calls-to-action that are BIG, bright red and incredibly bold.

Or are they?

We still get the occasional client asking us “Can you make the first homepage button red and as big as can be”. This is where we designers shed a small tear inside (red branded businesses excluded). We understand, early 2000’s design and mentality encouraged for this stand out/be loud behaviour. And yes, standing out is important. But it doesn’t have to come at a price. Big, bright and bold elements can work very well on their own accord, we’re just simply stating they don’t have to be loud to be heard.

For times in need we keep a few suggestions up our sleeves to meet our clients halfway. We even make suggestions to those we work with who on the other end of the spectrum don’t have any calls to action on their web pages, to ensure they’re getting maximum potential out of their new online space without any harmful design penalties.

A few design motto’s and pathways we encourage:

Keep it simple

Focus on the content, then let the layout and style guide the content and over-all user journey. We’ve heard it many times with new clients coming through; a design that’s clean, modern, visually compelling and minimalist. And we’re 100% on board. No need for a show and dance, just keep it simple silly.

Subtle action-takers

While we don’t want to constantly intrude on a users journey throughout your website, we also do want the user to take some sort of action. Want to encourage viewers of your blog to sign up to your newsletter? Why not have a popup appear 20 seconds after landing, and only show once a month after closing the popup. They may sign up, they may click out of it, but always have another area of the site (on the homepage or footer) which allows them to sign up later down the track should they wish to. Subtle but relevant action takers are key.

Hold their hand, but don’t drag them to the finish line too soon

A page or a post without an action is a missed opportunity. We encourage all pages and posts to present an opportunity for action, whether it be a button to read more information elsewhere on the site, to contact us, enquire here or other. While we do typically discourage the front and centre big red button, a simple link, image or design-cohesive button in which the user can connect with ease is best practice.

Not sure if your website is living up to its best design and lead capturing potential? Hyperweb can help, dont be shy and contact us today.

^ See, that’s what we mean, a simple call to action 😉

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