tl;dr – The Power of Brevity in Communications


A take away from a book I read recently was that you should be able to sell your product, service, or your organisation in a tweet. That is, in 140 characters. Think of the original iPod – 1,000 songs in your pocket. Snap, take my money.

Too often in business we find ourselves focussed in the detail & breadth of what we provide, we forget about the reader or the listener. We need to remember that in business we are here to solve a problem for the consumer. They are hiring us to do a job for them. They just want to know if we can do it, and how well we can do it.

he modern consumer in the social media age is now more tuned to much smaller snippets of content than previous generations. They don’t want to scroll forever on a website, they don’t want to click “Read More …” on a Facebook Post, they don’t want to listen to your company history in a pitch or presentation.


tl;dr (too long; didn’t read)

It is worth thinking about in our messaging, can we sell ourselves in the shortest form possible? You potential clients will reward you for it. Getting rid of corporate or industry speak is a good starting point to make your messaging more concise and effective.

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