The 2022 Marketing Trends that have emerged so far


As we approach the halfway mark of 2022, we take a look at some of the digital marketing trends that have emerged from the year so far, and what we can expect to see more of in the coming year.

Paid social ads

While organic content is great for brand awareness, on Facebook, for example, only 5% of your followers on average see your posts.

Investing in paid ads on platforms such as Facebook and Google have become crucial in order stay top of mind, stand out from the competition, and ultimately convert more business.

Telling micro stories and building connections through short videos

As Tik Tok and Instagram reels continue to take the social media world by storm, short videos have become one of the main ways to connect with your followers and a wider audience.

Social shopping

81% of shoppers were already using social media to discover new brands and research products before the pandemic. Many businesses have figured out that letting these users’ checkout in the same app just makes sense.

Influencer marketing

While influencer marketing is a term we should all be familiar with by now, many businesses are still struggling to integrate this into their marketing strategy.

Expect to see influencer marketing continue to grow, especially from a micro level where research has shown there is higher engagement compared to that of a macro level.

Power is with the consumer

Marketing has become less about delivering the right message for your business, and more about providing the right answer for the consumer.

Consumers are wanting more transparency and are choosing to interact with brands on their own terms.

Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is the seamless integration of all consumer touchpoints including branding, messaging, website, social media, and offline. This ensures the customer has a positive and consistent experience with your business through any interaction and channel of their choosing.

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