4 simple rules of Digital Engagement


Today we discuss 4 simplified rules for digital engagement to compete in today’s User Experience (UX) essential digital age. Customer engagement can be collected within seconds, but loss of engagement can also happen just as quick depending on the user’s experience. When you fail to provide a good experience for the user you will lose their attention, their business and possibly even their loyalty at the drop of a hat. Hence why we encourage a strong focus on core user-enhancing experience to deliver results, with a reduction in bounce rates, increase in sign-ups and ultimately more sales and customer retention.

  1. The Rule of Attraction

Diversity is key. Attracting new customers, and ultimately returning customers, to your website is half the battle, but it’s well worth the hard effort. We encourage a variety of intended incoming visitor streams, including social media, email marketing and of course organic search through the use of quality content and implemented SEO strategies. This creates large opportunity for growth when utilising the right tools and having the right processes in place.  There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ model, so we encourage a review of your business and marketing plan to see who you want to attract, and how to ensure they reach you.

  1. The Rule of Engagement

When it comes to consumer engagement we encourage content personalisation, essentially creating a digital body language. An incoming stream of visitors can arrive from various sources; you need to ensure each possible customer can find what they are searching for based on the source content they clicked on with ease. If you have an advertisement setup, say within Google Adwords targeted at a specific audience, you want to ensure the landing page they click through to has everything they are looking for and more. If they don’t see this connection, they will turn around and go on their merry way. Sure we can attract an audience, but quality capture of the right audience and equally quality engaging content will keep them where you want them to be.

  1. The Rule of Conversion

Wishing and hoping can only get one so far. A conversion strategy is a basic essential to follow and track conversation rate of success, as well as enhance your ability to upsell, promote repeat business and also the ability to follow and entice the consumer, whether they successfully go through with a sale or fell short for whatever reason. Analysis and optimisation of user behaviour and follow up actions through automated email campaigns can spark conversion opportunity where it may have otherwise fallen short.

  1. The Rule of Care

Customer service is a vulnerable area for many businesses. Your digital attraction, engagement and conversion may be flawless, however one negative customer service experience can affect a customer’s whole perception of the business and how they view and review the product or service. One large factor that drives disloyalty among customers is the amount of work or effort one must put in to get their issues resolved. Quality care before, during and after a conversation is key for brand loyalty, customer quality assurance and will ensure a solid basis for referrals.

You’ve probably heard of the KISS strategy before; Keep it Simple Silly. We encourage you to keep this in mind as you work on your business with these 4 simple rules. Work on the core of your business and the rest will follow in successful succession.

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