8 Ingredients of a Perfect Landing Page


Landing pages are very effective end points for digital marketing campaigns. Your campaign might be a special offer from a email newsletter, an information piece shared from a social media post with a call to action, an event requiring registration, or service requiring sign up. The key to a successful landing page is to have a specifically designed single page to compel the reader to act. We call this action a conversion.

What makes a successful landing page? Here are some tips.

  1. Overall, your landing page needs to have only one focus and purpose. This focus reduces the need for the visitor to question what they are there for and confuse the issue.
  2. Clear content – the page needs to clearly and concisely talk to the visitor with compelling language. It should avoid sales language, it is not a sales letter, or sales page. A clear, large, persuasive headline in an effective font, with a secondary headline to emphasis the point. A paragraph of information with correct spelling and grammar to detail the offer. Some dot points for punchy features and benefits.
  3. Some social proof. This could be in the form of logos of happy client customers, a testimonial with photo, or some data with source, product ratings or reviews from Google or Facebook.
  4. Call to action – in word and function. Ease of engagement is the key. The words should invite the action, e.g. sign-up today – click here. Use words that speak loudly such as Free, Now, Exclusive. They need to evoke action and immediacy. They also need to stand out, either as a button that produces a small form, or adjacent to a form that is embedded into the page itself. Make the form as short as possible as well.
  5. It will be tempting to almost replicate your main website navigation on the page, however, this will provide too many options, perhaps a Website Home, and Contact link is all that is needed here, see point 1.
  6. An effective and relevant image, perhaps a video will add weight and design to the content and reinforce the message you are conveying and set the mood you want to create.
  7. Keep it tight – these days the “above the fold” is not as important in website generally due to the mobile influence over how we use the web, but in a landing page, conciseness is the key, users need to be able to take it all in a glance and be compelled to the call to action.
  8. A/B Test – because it is a single page, it is relatively easy to have two different versions to see which is more successful in conversion data, so you are continually improving each campaign.

If you would like help setting up a newsletter & social media marketing campaign with landing pages, get in touch with us today.

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