Book Review – The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone


A lot of the business books I have been reading have been about marketing, strategy, and consumer behaviour. I thought it was time I needed a personal boost so I sought out something that looks at how personal development can contribute to business (and personal) success. Years ago I read and listened to the likes of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and thought I had heard it all but needed a reminder and a bit of discipline to give myself a kick in the bum.

I can’t recall where I noticed The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone, but I’m glad I found it. This book lives up to its message. It is intense. If you suffer from complacency, being too comfortable, prone to procrastination, or need to increase business enquiries, then I recommend this book.

The theme is fairly easy summarised as 10x means to do 10 times more and aim 10 times higher than what you previously thought was required to achieve results. Take 10x more actions and set goals, make them 10 times higher than your present thinking.

Cardone makes the point that the average is average. Doing what your competitors are doing will only make you compete on their ground, which is probably average. So you have to take massive action to outdo them. There will be push back, but Cardone believes this is a sign you are getting noticed and you need to embrace your fear of rattling the cage.

Some of it is a bit over the top, the “personal pledge to success” for example, but it is worthwhile absorbing it as it has a focussing effect on the right attitude to carry if you are wanting to up your effectiveness.

It agrees with Rework in that it encourages you to do the opposite of what seems necessary, normal, or traditional in your actions. It agrees with Creativity, Inc, and many others, when it reminds us that excuses are for the beaten, and failures are lessons. It suggests that we need to be unrealistic and set as a goal a new reality, an action plan for a new reality for ourselves, or our career, or our business.

There are exercises, and challenges included in the text. It closes with an extensive list of traits found in successful people. You can take it as a productivity booster, a personal development program, or as elements to a business growth strategy. Taken in parts or as a whole, there is something for everyone who wants to achieve more or get back on track.

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