Book Review – The Conversion Code by Chris Smith


The Conversion Code, by Chris Smith, is a guide to modern techniques and technologies for sales and marketing. It provides accessible tips that can be used to generate leads, create opportunities, and close sales. As such it is quite sales focussed, but for our purposes, also digital focussed.

The book has real estate marketers in mind, yet there is a lot in this book for every every marketer. It offers a great deal of understanding for business owners about what is available to use in their own marketing efforts. It is also useful for business owners to be aware of the toolkit of the modern digital marketer. It is a short read of only 162 pages and has plenty of visual representations, graphs and illustrations to reinforce key points. It is light in language and tone, so easily digestible.

The book is structured in three parts:

  1. Capture Internet Leads
  2. Create Quality Appointments
  3. Close More Sales

The first section I found to be of most benefit to our business, and will be of most benefit to small to medium enterprise. It sets up a foundation of website content, landing pages, blog post tips and strategy, and social media marketing. It then delves deep into Facebook marketing, and specific strategies to drive leads to your website & landing pages.

Creating Quality Appointments for me was about effective communication. It looks at follow up strategies, SMS and email content, and retargeting strategies to convert leads into appointments. This is great knowledge for high touch point sales based businesses.

Close More Sales is pure sales strategy, that is, how to close the deal. Again, this stuff is useful for all businesses to have an awareness of. It is useful in pitching, and customer service, as well as sales.

Reading this book, there were many moments when I was compelled to drop everything and give the tips a try. It is incredibly actionable and some of the tips on blog and social media post content and posting time felt like being let in on a confounding secret.

To conclude, I will reiterate what I said at the start about the ideal use for this book. If you are doing your own marketing, this will help. If you want to understand the strategies you have been “sold” by a marketing team or agency, this will help. If you want to identify gaps that you see as opportunities for your business, this will help. We can also help. If you want advice on optimising your current digital marketing suite to attract and convert customers, get in touch and we can start today.

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