Book Review – Rework


This book is good. Seth Godin says “Ignore this book at your own peril.” I have to agree. It is short, punchy, and packs a lot of great advice in it.

The authors were the driving force behind 37signals, developers of business software products such as BaseCamp & HighRise. This is their real world practical advice, their best ideas based on their experience which for me becomes the new rules of business in the 21st century.

It is really energising to read how these successful business people throw out the traditional view of business strategy rejecting advertising, meetings, boards, salespeople.

Writing a business plan is useless, the pace of business and the environment in which we operate moves too fast and contains too many uncertainties. So this exercise is futile. Out with this as well. Stick to what you are good at, continuously improve, and adapt is the key.

Focussing on growth? Out with that as well. Instead, find the right size for you and your capacity. 37signals made great software and millions of dollars with a maximum of 16 employees. Sustainability and profitability are more important than growth.

Focus on your customers, commit to your people, and the rest will come. Don’t worry about your competitors, in fact, have a look at their marketing efforts and do less.

This book is short and presented well to make powerful messages without jargon and fluff. In short, if you do what is normal, you will be the norm rather than the exception. I highly recommend it.

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