What comes first, content or design?


One of the first considerations faced when developing a new website is: “Should we design first and then make the content fit, or develop the content and service the design from it?”

Content is king, we often hear said, yet design can be what stands one website out among it’s competitors. Great user experience can lead to higher level, higher value conversions to sales and/or enquiries.

So how do we deal with the balancing act when developing a new website?

Good content brings greater traffic. People are wanting well structured & easy to find information. Google also likes a good amount of content so it is important to not take shortcuts to achieve a certain design.

There are some websites where design is abandoned entirely for content. Consider Craigslist & Berkshire Hathaway as examples. It should be noted that sites like these can get away with it because they offer something no one else does, or they don’t need to appeal visually because of what they offer. This is not likely to be the case for you. Unless you have a knock-out punch in the quality of your content and product or service offering, you will need to stand out visually as well as drawing organic inbound traffic with content.

Of course, content is not just text. It is images, video, and calls to action. If your product is visual then your content is part of your design. We can incorporate your product content as part of the design with a call to action. Design can lead your customer to your content, your product, and your order form.

What does this mean?

– A clear idea of what your website needs to achieve for your business and what you want your story to be will determine the balance of design & content
– Think about the best face for your content. Is it text heavy, images, video, or a combination of all 3?
– We as website design & developers can take it from requirements to reality by ensuring your content is carried by an effusive design & user experience leading to conversions and loyal customers.

Let’s have a conversation about your business and your online presentation.

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