Facebook Ad Creation Now Made Easier with Mailchimp


New from Mailchimp is their collaboration with Facebook Ads, giving Mailchimp users the ability to create, post and analyse their businesses social media marketing and advertising all under the one roof.

Mailchimp’s focus is on usability, with the same ease and navigation as the beloved email marketing platform, they’ve made it easy to create and setup an ad, with great building tools and visualisation that is seamless with a professional result.

So what are the pro’s of using Mailchimp for Facebook ads?

As previously mentioned, you have the ability to have all of your online marketing strategy under the one blanket saving you time too’ing and fro’ing.

It also gives you the ability to target your list or segment members, along with the option to target likeminded audiences to those in your list or target demographics completely different to your list, giving you the ability to engage with customers or potential customers based on Mailchimp’s predefined algorithm to get you the best return in investment.

All data returned from your Facebook ads are reported in your Mailchimp account alongside your email campaign data.

Plus there are no extra fee’s involved with using Mailchimp to post your Facebook ads, all advertising funds will go straight to your Facebook ad account with no hidden fee’s.

So what are you waiting for? Have a play today with Mailchimp’s Facebook Ads, or talk to HyperWeb Communications about setting up an email and social marketing account and strategic plan today.

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