Why your business should have a Google My Business account


Millions of people search on Google everyday, often for places and products within their local vicinity.

Google My Business is a free tool that allows people to manage their business presence online, and helps make you stand out on the Google search engine. As part of your Google My Business account you can add your business name, location, website, photos and more.


Some of the benefits of utilising Google My Business include:

1. It will increase your business’ visibility online

Not only do Google My Business accounts get first priority when it comes to listings on the first page and on maps, but searches will be able to see all your important information quickly at a glance. For example, your phone number, opening hours and location.

2. Your customers can leave reviews

Most people who are searching the internet rely on looking at the reviews when making a final decision. Plus, positive reviews also help increase your ranking on Google.

3. It’s free and easy to use

This is especially beneficial to smaller business’ who have a limited, or no marketing budget, as Google My Business is completely free and easy to navigate.

6. You will have access to Insights

Insights will allow you to better understand your audience and help identify what of your online content is performing best.


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