Are reels the only way to grow on Instagram?


Ah, the wonderful world of reels. Love to watch them? Scared to create them? You’re not alone.

The constantly changing Instagram algorithm is hard to keep up with but know one thing for sure – Instagram is favouring (promoting) reels over images and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

While it is possible to grow on Instagram without reels – creating reels is a great way to increase followers and engagement. In fact, they are a real growth hack!

Not only are they addictive to watch, consumers are 95% more likely to retain the message or remember a product or service when consumed via video. 

We often remind our clients who are hesitant to dive head first into the world of reels that it’s an excellent opportunity to:

  • Create connection with your audience
  • Add value by sharing hacks, tips, tricks and how to’s
  • Build trust and credibility in your niche – remember you are the master of your art and your knowledge about your product/service is your strongest USP (unique selling point)

While diving head first may seem daunting, we encourage you to dip your toes in the reel pool by trying these 5 hacks:

  • Create original content

As Instagram has evolved so has the desire for perfectly curated feeds. People want original and approachable content that they can relate to. This means no one is judging you (they are actually supporting you) to create non-polished reels that foster connection and add value.

  • Use texts or captions

Did you know that 85% of reels are watched without sound? Make sure you always use text in your video or captions if you’re speaking. It’s also an invaluable tool for those who have hearing difficulties. 

  • Don’t post a reel once

Have you spent hours making a reel, only to use it once? This may shock you, but you can actually re-post the same reel 1, 2 even 3 times. Remember, when you post a reel you are competing with hundreds of thousands of other reels – at the same time (some may even be communicating the same message as you) and, it might take 3 posts for your reel to reach your target audience.

  • Don’t use a video that has a TikTok watermark

Instagram devalues reels or videos that have been created in other apps. Make sure if you’ve made a video on TikTok you don’t post it to Instagram with the watermark (there are watermark removal apps available on the app store – however they can decrease the quality). The best way to avoid this is to create your content directly in the Instagram app.

  • Include 3-5 hashtags

It’s hard to know whether to hashtag or not but using 3-5 hashtags will help the Instagram “algorithm” understand your content and serve it to relevant audiences.

At HyperWeb, we create marketing strategies that include reel creation and management within a wider strategy. Looking to take your brand or business to the next level? Get in touch today and find out how we can help you.

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