How to Repurpose your Existing Content


Repurposing your existing content will not only save you time and effort, but will also help you reach a new audience, reinforce your message, and help improve organic reach.

Repurposing your content is about transforming and refreshing work you have already done with information you already have.

Below are just some examples of how you can give new life to your existing content.


Take the key points and information out of a blog post and turn them into a visually appealing infographic that can be used on your social media channels or Newsletter.


Most digital platforms now allow and encourage the use of video content. This is a great opportunity to repurpose existing blog posts and written information.

Newsletter EDM

Send tailored emails to your database which can include blog articles, case studies, testimonials, and offerings.


Utilise the content you post on social media and turn that into a blog article or case study on your website.

Social Media

Pull out key information from a blog post or case study and create multiple posts for the relevant social media channels.


If you have a blog post that you feel you could expand on, create a podcast episode. You could even create a series or invite a guest to join you from within your industry.


Utilise your industry knowledge and turn it into an ebook. This creates business credibility and provides an opportunity to build your database when sending out your ebook to interested parties.


If you have received great feedback and testimonials, turn those into a post for your social media.

Update existing content

Don’t leave old content sitting in the archives, save time by simply updating the content which is already publish-ready.

Utilise statistics and data

Turn your analytic report into readable fun facts and tips for social media.

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