Instagram Ad Campaigns: Target your Market Smarter Through MailChimp


A few months ago we blogged about MailChimp’s new Facebook Ad Campaign feature, just 4 months on they’ve now introduced Instagram Ad Campaigns to their collection of integrated marketing tools.

What are the benefits of utilising MailChimp social media campaigns rather than direct?

Their campaign platform allows you to target your existing MailChimp list, people similar to your list, or a whole new demographic entirely. You can of course choice to simply utilise the Instagram Ads Campaign tool for your advertisement, but with one click you can opt in for Facebook Ads too.

The swish ad analytics are definitely a bonus, when you connect your e-commerce store to MailChimp you will be able to see exactly how your ad is performing with their tracking and reporting system. It will tell you exactly how much money you’ve made from the ad, and how many new customers you acquired.

MailChimp’s focus is on usability, with the same ease and navigation as the beloved email marketing platform, they’ve made it easy to create and setup an ad, with great building tools and visualisation that is seamless with a professional result.

Plus there are no extra fee’s involved with using MailChimp to post your Instagram ads, all advertising funds will go straight to your Instagram ad account with no hidden fee’s.

Is Instagram the right channel for you?

Instagram now has a community of more than 700 million users worldwide, with a sizeable increase of 100 million users joining these statistic in the last four months. Social media statistics state that as of January 2017 Instagram has 5,000,000 monthly active Australian users. More than half of online adults ages 18 to 29 use Instagram, followed by 28% of online adults ages 30 to 49. Women are also more likely to be Instagram users (31% versus 24%). So there’s a great chance that your users are already on Instagram.

If you’re looking to drive site traffic and sales on mobile to your target market, then Instagram is for you.

Create, post and analyse your businesses social media marketing and advertising all under the one roof. So what are you waiting for? Have a play today with MailChimp’s Instagram Ads, or talk to HyperWeb Communications about setting up an email and social marketing account and strategic plan today.

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