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Have you ever wondered why in the digital era it is a little difficult to buy a gift voucher for someone for your (or their!) favourite restaurant, beauty salon, hair dresser, or any small business? We have experienced this in the last few years, we have to drive to the business and the business has to spend time filling out a paper voucher. Or you have to call the business and they have to spend valuable time filling out a paper voucher, popping it an envelope and putting it in the snail mail, only for it not to arrive in time for Christmas!

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We have developed a business voucher directory that is browsable by location, category, or keyword. Businesses can list their voucher to be purchased by anyone, anywhere, anytime, and it is delivered instantly to an inbox. The business receives 100% of the Voucher value and the purchaser pays a small processing fee. The business receives an identical copy of the voucher so they can record it in their POS system or existing voucher management process. Each voucher has a unique code and the funds are processed promptly to the business.

Each business will have their own unique URL to link to from their own website, social media, enewsletters or email signature. We also use the same art work as their current voucher if they have one, if they don’t we will design one for them.

It is in the latter part of the initial development phase at present with only a trial business on the site, and it works a treat. You can have a go yourself, just put your own email address as the recipient and choose the temporary Cash On Delivery option at the checkout (to avoid payment) and it will send you the sample FogHorn Voucher.

We are going to be doing a large amount of marketing including social media advertising of business listings on the site, so there are many additional advantages to being on board early such as:

  • free advertising
  • links to your website
  • SEO benefits
  • reaching people who haven’t decided which business to buy their gift voucher from
  • and many more.

To help us get an initial bunch of businesses on board, we are offering free Facebook PPC ads to the value of $50 to advertise your voucher listing. To join and take advantage of this introductory offer available to HyperWeb Communications clients only, click on this link – – and complete the online form.

I would be happy to give you a call to discuss in more detail if you require. Please forward back any feedback, observations or criticisms so we can improve the site for browsers, buyers, and sellers.

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