Keeping it real with Authentic Facebook Business Pages


Recently we brought you an article about Facebook’s latest changes to affect business pages, and their shift of focus to accentuate the personal moments in our feeds. This pricked our ears and we’re definitely of the notion that as a business an online platform away from socials is important, however we love to see our clients succeed with their business, so here’s some tips on how to craft your content to be visible, compelling and engaging with your audience, and how to build an actual relationship with your followers to preserve a valuable presence in users news feed.

Keep it Real

Make marketing human. Everyone wants the chance to learn, explore, interact or personally empathise with the content you are posting; in essence they don’t want to purely be told information.

Give your audience the chance to build a relationship with you. Make it light, personable and fun, but also stay true to your brand and business style to ensure your business values are represented in each and every post. Create a community that relates to your business as they would with a friend.

And most of all keep it real, fake it till you make it just doesn’t cut it in this realm.

Make it relevant

Share likeable content that sparks a conversation. Images and video are still very responsive to audiences as well as eye catching graphics, memes, inspirational and encouraging quotes. Relevant and relatable posts that add value to their personal lives will evoke positive responses and two way communication. Make it frequent enough that your audience wont lose interest and move on, set time aside each week to queue posts for several days in advance but also stay fluid with posts in between as the week’s news and events evolve.

Mix things up

Not sure what works best for your business? Step out of your comfort zone and see where it takes you. Try new ways of engaging your Facebook community, link to external website blogs, start a poll, ask for feedback, post galleries or video’s, give your audience a sneak peak into the business introducing staff or internal business events. Most importantly, start a conversation and keep it real.

having likes is not an end unto itself” – Facebook

Connect with other brands and groups

Extend your relationships outside of the business page, join and engage with niche groups with the intention to build relationships rather than promote your business. Interact and provide feedback on relevant brand pages in your niche. It’s good for them (think business equivalent of shine theory) and creates awareness of your brand to their fans as well when they see your interactions.

Extend your horizons

Are you restricting your social profile to just Facebook? Perhaps it’s time to expand those horizons. Your perfect audience may be sitting in Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Snapchat waiting for you. We’re not saying the more the merrier, but definitely explore, experiment and gain insight into what your key channels are and focus your energy in this direction.

Of course, HyperWeb are here to help you build your online presence and community engagement, we have a very particular set of skills just waiting to be utilised. If this is of interest to you feel free to contact us today to learn more about our marketing partnership approach.

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