Onboarding and Ongoing – How to Market to Your Email List


You have a customer database list, thats fantastic. So now what?

Most new clients we work with will request the capture of potential customers data, either on site load, in a sign up that slides, in the footer, and sometimes when enquiry forms are submitted, products are purchased or to access certain areas of the website.

This is a great way to build your base of potential clientele, but what should you do with this data collection? It’s one thing to increase your marketable database, but utilising this list is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So lets break down some fantastic options for onboarding and thereafter.

  1. Customise your welcome email

    • Make it instant, with 10 x the transaction rate on real-time welcome emails compared to delayed welcome emails (thats a lot of potential!)
    • Back it up with a goal, whether it be emotional, rational or persuasive. Or perhaps all 3. You want to ensure they connect with your brand and reconnect with your online presence.

Remember, onboarding isn’t a focus on you or your product, its about creating the starting blocks for an entire experience for your potential customer with you.

  1. Set up smart email workflows

Heard the term set and forget? Throw that out the window because we want to do the opposite. Keeping in the mind of your newly added contact is key. With a good Mailchimp newsletter design we’d suggest setting up email workflows to ensure you keep on top of your game without even having to think about it.

Mailchimp automation works in the way that you can send a predesigned and content populated email X days after signing up, with perhaps email #3 sent a week after signing up. These can be heavy in the beginning then set a regular schedule for email campaigns thereafter, or they can flow on a regular basis.

Ensure each email has a goal, as mentioned previously, either an emotional, rational or persuasive goal (or all 3). Brand awareness and connectivity is key.

  1. List perks

Think about the emails that land in your inbox, the ones you delete straight away and the ones that you stop to open, read, and even click through to an action. I know the ones I at least skim over, and those are the ones with the perks. Do you have recent blog posts or new release items of interest to the receiver? Perhaps VIP events or sales, birthday goodies whether it be a nice personalised message or even a coupon for a discount or free gift. Keep your list wanting more, they don’t have to be often, but a few scattered throughout the year will keep the viewer coming back for more.

  1. Marketing

Of course you can market direct via email, but did you know you can also use these lists to market to via social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Google ads? When creating ads in these mediums you can use this list to target to, or even target people who are similar to your top customers.

Have a list that needs some love? It’s never too late to start, ask us about our ongoing marketing options for your business today.

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