Optimise your LinkedIn for Business


LinkedIn is not just about the individual and building their career, it can also be a very useful tool to grow your business. As a professional social network, LinkedIn can help you find, connect and market to customers, employees, and partners.

Below are 7 simple steps to get you started.

Create a business page

This is just as important as a website, and it can be done for free. Ensure there is a contact email, information about what the business does, and that it is regularly kept up to date.

Build connections and nurture them into relationships

LinkedIn makes it easy for you to connect with your specific audience. You can discover someone based on their industry, company, location, etc.

Engage with your connections

LinkedIn is all about networking, treat it like any other networking event only it’s online. Message a new connection to say hello and properly introduce yourself, like, comment and share your connection’s content on LinkedIn.

Post quality content

Your content should provide value to your target audience. Whether that is a solution to their problem or establishing yourself as an authoritative voice within your industry.

Provide details about your business in your profile

This is an opportunity to introduce yourself and provide details on how you can help your target audience directly through your business. Often, people like to connect with the person first before they decide to use the service.

Avoid a hard sell

You want people to discover your business not be interrupted or annoyed by it. Keep up with the latest trends and establish a content marketing strategy targeted to your audience.

Ensure your staff have a LinkedIn account

This helps put a face to your business. It will also allow their connections to reach your business and allow these connections to see how they help your business through their role and experience.

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