Our 20th Anniversary – #HYPEDTOBE20


This financial year HyperWeb celebrates 20 years and we are #HYPEDTOBE20. To mark the occasion we will be telling our story. It is a brief story of the history of website development and digital marketing. It is a story of the evolution of the Internet, the evolution of how we consume information and access goods and services. It is a story of the development and growth of a small business in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

From a part-time “side-hustle” in a spare room, to a full-time home-based company, to a team of five the journey has been a personal and professional one for founder Brendan Brooks. We look forward to looking back, remembering and acknowledging clients, collaborators, partners, and organisations that gave us opportunities to grow. It is great that a lot of these are still with us today.

20 years is a long time to be developing websites. In terms of the age of the craft, it is a fairly large chunk of the total. We acknowledge that we have trod a safe and supported path over the first half of our history. However we believe longevity comes from being adaptable, agile, risk taking, and opportunity seeking in order to maintain our current persisting growth trajectory. Looking back will show how successfully navigating change in the technological environment stands us in good stead to be able to face future disruption and innovate accordingly for the success of our current and future clients.

We still have goals to achieve, we aren’t done yet! In these turbulent and uncertain COVID times, we remain focussed on developing high quality results in our website development and digital marketing services for our many clients past and future.

We would love to have you along with us on our reflection and invite you to share any memories you may have of your experience with us. To keep up with our new instalments sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media with the hashtag #HYPEDTOBE20 #hyperweb20.

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