The right time for a seasonal marketing campaign


Today marks 101 days until Christmas. We’ll just let that sink in for you.

While it is time to start thinking of the perfect gift for your love ones, and the age old question – what dish to take to the relatives – it’s also time to start thinking of your marketing strategy leading up to the big buying period.

We are all aware how quickly the holiday season creeps up. This year we encourage you to plan ahead by mapping out your engagement leading up to Christmas as part of a campaign driven digital marketing strategy to really connect on a personal level to your audience.

We often see the results of regular digital marketing campaigns with our clients. Looking at analytics data, we see that after Google, eNewsletters and Facebook referrals are often always in the top 4 of traffic sources to a website on a monthly basis. 

We understand regular, concentrated digital campaigns can have some barriers, including time, expertise, awareness of content, and confidence. All of these can be overcome with our help, however if you don’t believe a regular campaign is for your business, then we suggest you strongly consider seasonal and occasional campaigns to connect to your contacts. After all contacts are only worthy contacts if you stay in touch would you agree?

This year why not think a little outside the box, and map out your engagement leading up to Christmas as part of a strategic plan to really connect on a personal level to your audience. We have learned recently about campaign driven digital marketing strategies. Gary Vaynerchuk often uses the boxing analogy “jab, jab, jab, hook”. This means you are dropping hints, showcasing your regular offering or point of difference, building your profile & database, entertaining and engaging your audience. You can plan and publish a series of content contacts via eNewsletters, social media posts, & traditional ads in the lead up to the shopping season, then when your potential consumers are softened up, you post the jab. The offer and call to action.

If you have some exciting recent news, whether it’s within the business, your team or industry related then absolutely share the love. Have a customer or client special or promotion? Great promote that! Recently added some new products to your line up? Fantastic, showcase these. Then land the right (or left) hook once per month with your compelling Christmas sale or service offering.

It’s not too late to start your seasonal strategy today, with Spring just arrived at our doors. Get your first e-newsletter setup and sent out sooner than later. Contact HyperWeb Communications to see how we can help you spread the word.

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