Social media engagement

When it comes to social media marketing, it is less about how many followers you have and more about how engaged your target market is.

Firstly, having a clear understanding of who your target market is is crucial. This will help you strategise what your overall message is and your intended call to action.

Once you know your audience and your content, here are some tips to help build your engagement:

Show don’t tell

It is important to break through the noise of your client’s social media feed, and a lengthy, wordy post is not going to stop them in their scroll. Use an infographic, for example, to explain your point. Or even better, a video.


In the world of social media and technology, different features and trends are constantly changing and evolving. Every so often look up what is trending on social media or keep an eye out for different trends on your feed that you might be able to utilise for your business.

Utilise the poll and question feature in Stories

Not only do these features encourage engagement from your followers, abut they allow an opportunity for customer input and feedback.

Show your face

Don’t be shy, people love putting a face to a name and seeing the team behind the business. You don’t need to talk to camera or do a live interview, simply introduce your team members, and explain what they do for the customer and the business.

Post behind the scenes

Who doesn’t love having a sticky beak behind the scenes, and on social media it isn’t any different. We can now see through the filters and the set-up posts, it’s unfiltered workings behind the scenes that your followers want to see.

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