How to master storytelling in your marketing


Capturing your audience’s attention in today’s competitive content marketing landscape is a feat. According to a recent study by Forbes, viewers only retain 10% of messages when reading it in text, compared to 95% in video.

So, how do we get people to pay attention for extended periods and create a lasting impression? By connecting with them through the art of storytelling.

Think about the last time you learnt something new, was it over coffee with a friend? Or listening to a podcast on your way home from work?

A study by Stanford University revealed that people remember stories 22x more than facts and figures.

Tapping into people’s emotions sharing the good and bad is how stories inspire, motivate, and eventually, drive action.

Creating a narrative around your brand will not only foster brand loyalty, but it also humanises your brand and inherently markets your business.

Storytelling sets compelling brands apart from simple businesses and one-time customers to loyal consumers who return repeatedly.

We’ve shared 5 examples of good storytelling to help get you started and inspire your next campaign.

  • Know your audience

Before you put pen to paper, you need to understand who will be reading your story. Who wants to hear your story? Who will benefit and respond to your story?

Take some time to research your target market and define your buyer personas. This process will allow you to become familiar with whose reading, viewing, or listening to your story.

  • Keep your story authentic

Stories make us human, and the same go for brands. When brands are transparent and authentic, it brings them down to earth and help consumers connect with them and the people behind them.

  • Put your best foot forward

Share the most valuable parts of your story at the beginning rather than saving the best till last. You immediately want to lure the reader and not only connect with them but compel them to share your content with others.

  • Use your customers stories

Rather than proving expertise and skill by showing off case studies and statistics share the impact of your brand by sharing customer testimonials or stories.

  • Foster community and collaboration

Tell a story that moves readers to discuss and share your story with others. Use a situation or experience that other can relate to and say, “me too”.

Struggling to get your messaging, right? We know it can be to put your own story into words. We can help – get in touch today.

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