UX Matters Most – Here’s why


What is UX and why is it so important to get right?

UX in its simplest form stands for User eXperience, in definition it’s the human-centred design approach. The Who, What and Why.

UX is the core element sitting nice and snug between the users needs and the businesses needs.

Research shows that only 16% of users will be “delighted” during their experience on your website, app or service. For loyalty you simply need to meet users needs. No song or dance required.

Have you ever stumbled upon a website and within half a minute of not finding what you were after you hit the back button and went onto the next option? Humans have an 8 second attention span (yes, that’s less than a goldfish!) so it’s oh so important to guide the user through the right journey to meet their needs.

This is where UX comes into play to get to the core value of the product or service you are offering and design with the user experience front of mind. If a user does not find a product or process useful they’ll look for a workaround, which most likely will lead them to utilising a competitors product or service.

“UX is simply people, in moments, on the way to achieving their goal”

It’s important to discover, research, strategise and map out the best user experience journey. It is best to do this prior to project design and development to ensure the outcome of the project succeeds in its original mission, and provides a platform to grow and nourish following the projects completion.

“Digital transformation is upon us, it is essential to get technology to work for us, not the other way around.“

Interested in incorporating the UX process into your next project? Contact us today to discuss options available to better improve your online product or service experience.

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