We Won an Award!

Carolyn, Brendan, Jessica – the HyperWeb Team

We are proud to be announced winner of Best Online Publication in the 2016 NEWi Awards with Opus Magazine. Whilst we co-entered from the perspective of our development work on the website, it really is testament to the publication itself that is reviving the legendary University of Newcastle student magazine.

The project was lead by Nativ Design & we were happy to be brought in to work for Nativ on the scoping, design, and development. Our Front-End Developer Jessica did an amazing job rendering the look & feel of the new Opus identity to the site and building a site that is easy to navigate, locate articles, & submit articles for publication.

We thought having clear and prominent focus on the authors and contributors was important because it is through publications like Opus, that career developing exposure can be gained, and positive reputations established for writers and journalists of the future.

Mobile user experience was clearly going to be important. Think of how and when students are likely to browse the site and read the articles. Already more than half of the visits to the site are from a mobile device therefore responsive development had to be well thought and executed, and again, Jessica did a fantastic job.

It was a great night and the entire team attended to make a night of it. I would like to thank Mitch from Nativ Design for bringing us in on the project, Barrie from NUSA for selecting Nativ and then working with us on the project, Jessica for her excellent work for us on the development and design, and Gordon from the Lunatick Society for establishing the annual awards. The NEWi Awards is a great event and opportunity for the local digital and creative industries to celebrate the work we do, be recognised for it, reward our teams, and get together to congratulate each other. There were some amazing stories this year and very worthy winners, you can read all about them here. Here also, is Opus own coverage of the award and event.

Looking forward to next year now, and maybe some more category entries from HyperWeb Communications.

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