What social media content should I be posting?


I wish I was here to tell you exactly what to post, wouldn’t all our lives be a lot easier? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer.

There is a variety of factors at play that you need to consider before posting. Take the time to assess these factors and create a content strategy plan that will ensure you make the most of your online presence and ultimately turn your followers into customers.

These factors include:

  • Who are you directing your content to?
  • What message are you wanting to convey?
  • What is the purpose of your content?

Below we break down the different types of content and the benefits of each.

Single image

Benefit: Visual content is easy to digest and more engaging than longer blogs or articles.

Example: Infographic, meme, business/product


Benefit: Interactive, encouraging increased engagement.

Example: Storytelling, case study, how to guide


Benefit: Attention grabbing and increases content reach.

Example: Trends, before and after, video tours, product update


Benefit: Provides more transparency and authentic communication with your audience in real time.

Example: Behind the scenes, business updates.

If you have any questions about the best type of content for your business, get in touch with our Digital Marketing team today.

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