6 signs it’s time to reach out to a Digital Marketer


Do you find yourself asking if you need help with your digital marketing? Here are 6 signs that now might be the right time.

Lacking a strategy

Before embarking on any digital marketing, establishing a digital strategy is key. Without a well thought out strategy your digital marketing will lack purpose and direction. A good strategy should identify your overall business goals, your target audience, and key messages.

Time poor, lacking motivation or interest

Understandably, all your time is going into your actual business and its day-to-day requirements. Additionally, if you aren’t someone who spends much time on social media or online in your personal time you may not have any interest or motivation to start doing it with your business.

No online presence

Creating an online presence, like a social media account or a website, will help your business reach and communicate with current and potential customers.

Engaging with a digital marketer will help you identify which online channels will work best for your target audience and the type of content you should be communicating.

No social media engagement

Does your business have a social media account but you’re struggling to engage with your target audience? Perhaps you are using the wrong social media platform for your business, or you aren’t posting consistent quality content?

Not appearing on page 1 of google

Through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a digital marketer can review your website and help organically improve your Google ranking.


Digital marketing is all about creating and distributing content that promotes your business or brand. This can be done through a variety of digital channels, such as your website, social media, email, and online advertising. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our digital marketing service can help you and your business.

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