Facebook soon to become more useful in your every day life


Facebook is rolling out new tools to help make the social media platform more useful in your every day life. It also greatly improves Facebook Business page visibility and reach to your businesses potential audience. It’s a win win for consumers and businesses alike, here’s an overview of what to look out for in the near future.

The latest tool currently being rolled out among users is Facebook’s Recommendations. The new tool allows users to ask their friends for recommendations about pretty much anything and everything.

Utilising the recommendation’s tool rather than the standard status update allows the user’s friends and family to make recommendations via comment, which then automatically populates a link to the mentioned facebook business page along with a plotted map of all suggestions within the area questioned. Pretty neat huh? It’s the best of both worlds with ease and usefulness for the consumer, and great online ‘word of mouth’ publicity for the recommended business page.

The other more prominent feature, yet to be rolled out but social media experts predict these new features will be available for Australian users by years end, is the small business marketplace which will enable individuals to “connect with local businesses in easier and faster ways”. This includes user ability to order food, buy tickets and book appointments and receive instant quotes directly through Facebook business pages.

Here are a few noteworthy mentions to get you ready for this feature if it is a service you wish to offer.

Users will be able to order food online if the business uses Slice or Delivery.com.

Appointments can be made directly through Facebook, with the ability to confirm the appointment via Facebook Messenger. This is definitely a feature that will be well utilised, with many small businesses already using Facebook Messenger as a method of receiving customer service enquiries that lead to bookings, however the one step process, and hopefully an appointment tracking schedule of sorts, will encourage better user experience and business sales.

Businesses will be able to add a Get a quote button to their page, enabling a call to action for users to request a quote directly through the page.

Last but not least, users will be able to purchase tickets to an event through an event page if the event is a registered Ticketmaster or Eventbrite event. This eliminates the process of looking for information and buying tickets in multiple locations. Providing a simple and easy event management procedure that works for the consumer and the organiser.

All in all Facebook is changing and we like the direction it is heading with both consumer and business in mind. A one stop shop for all of your digital needs.

Want to get ahead of the game and improve your social media presence ready for the introduction of these new features? Please feel free to contact us today.

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