Since Google’s rollout to mobile-first indexing back in March, insight has been gained as to why users more often than not opt for their phones when viewing online content. The consumers behaviour Google uses to define user intent are called micro-moments. The following four micro-moments are key moments in which a consumer decides to pick up their mobile device for a specific purpose:

I want to know

I want to go

I want to do

I want to buy

Every day, people are becoming more reliant on their smartphones to help make last-minute purchases or spur-of-the-moment decisions. In fact, smartphone users are 50% more likely to expect to purchase something immediately while using their smartphone compared to a year ago.
– Google

It is our duty as a business, service provider or brand to ensure we design the user mobile experience to proactively fulfil these micro-moments when visiting your online space.

Ideally, we need to anticipate their every need and move, and provide the result on a silver platter.

Design for micro-moments can be curated through a combination of research (including website analytics, customer journey maps etc), strategy and of course implementation to ensure immediacy (information on demand) is at the forefront of your online space when the user arrives.

People are searching at the exact moment they need something and are looking for places that can meet their immediate need. In other words, when making these on-the-spot decisions, they are more loyal to their need than to any particular place.
– Google

Make sure you’re prepared for these micro-moments, contact HyperWeb today for an overview of your current site, or to start creating a user friendly mobile experience for your visitors and potential customers/clients.

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