The Digital Marketing Trends you should be doing in 2022


The end of the year is always a great time to review any new digital marketing trends, and analysis what will be predicted in the coming months. Especially after a pandemic, the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving. It’s important to identity these trends and look at incorporating them into your short and long term marketing strategies.

Overall, the future of marketing is about connecting with real customers and their individual needs and values.

• Conversational and Personalised Marketing

Instead of telling customers to buy your products or services, conversational marketing is subtle and is focused on having a discussion with a customer in real time. We obviously can’t be available online 24/7, however,  you can leverage automated options like chatbots to engage in these ‘conversations’ across your website and digital platforms at any time.

In addition, utilising data to personalise your messaging to your customers on an individual level will further increase your rapport with customers and drive sales. Not only that, but personalised sales are also something that consumers have now come to expect.

• Stories

Social media stories only last for 24 hours and then disappear. This allows businesses to have fun with their content as it won’t last forever, and it doesn’t need to look perfectly curated for their feed. Stories are a great tool for producing behind-the-scenes content and utilising features such as polling followers with fun questions.

• Video Content

Not only is video content visually appealing, it also provides your customers with a convenient way to learn more about your product or services. Most digital platforms now allow and encourage the use of video content, also allowing you to repurpose previous content such as blogs or written information.

• Artificial Intelligence

The integration of AI powered technology is only expected to increase further. These technologies allow you to forecast and make predictions about your business and your customers. AI tools enable many digital processes like optimisation and SEO to be automated.

• Non-For-Profit Opportunities

Especially in the era of a post pandemic, customer’s value transparency and a business’ social, economic, and environmental beliefs more than ever. It is important that customers can see that their values align and are represented with those businesses they choose to support and buy from.

• Multi-Channel Marketing

Most of your customers are utilising more than one digital channel so it only makes sense that you should be too. Different channels provide different opportunities to engage with your customers, so it is important to take advantage and optimise this reach where and when you can.

Now is the time to start planning your 2022 marketing strategy. Get in touch with us today about a free consultation.

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