UX Australia – We Came, We Listened, We Learned


Last week Jes & Brendan attended the UX Australia conference in Sydney. What is UX? Jes has written on the fundamentals here.

We committed this year to invest in learning and improvement, and identified UX as an area to focus on. It was a very valuable experience for both of us. Our aim was to put some theory and process around what we do instinctively in our development work. Designing a website with the end user (the customer) in mind directs our approach.

Highlights of skills and learnings gained include:

  • Participating in a full day workshop with leading practitioners in the field. We got our hands dirty in the full UX design process. From user research, user analysis tools, and storyboarding to prototyping, and usability testing.
  • New ideas and practical processes in working with our clients to ensure our design vision comes to life.
  • Designing self-service experiences. How businesses can improve their customer service efficiency by providing self-service support.
  • Instagram’s Hazel Jennings presented Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 rules for writing applied to UX. This was excellent, a guide of 7 dos and 1 don’t when it comes to designing products and experiences.
  • Turning wireframes into polished visuals, creative design and style guides.
  • Designing with words, how we use words to create experiences in chatbots and support. This included some insights from Facebook’s Elena Ontiveros who heads up the team design content for Messenger bots.
  • Stork babies: extending UX and content from conception to growth via ongoing client partnership.
  • UX Process from intent to design bridging the gap with key metrics modelling to ensure the users preferred experience is delivered in the design.
  • Best practice for UX when integrating learning platforms in an online environment.

Both Jes & Brendan made copious notes on how our new learnings and tools can be applied in our website design and development offering. We look forward to sharing them with our current and future clients and partners. If you are interested in anything particular in UX and how it applies to your website, please get in touch and start the conversation.

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