HyperWeb Increases NEWi Award Finalists Entries


Next week it is the night of nights for the Newcastle and Hunter Region Digital and Creative Industries with the awarding of the 2019 NEWi Awards. Presented by the The Lunaticks Society Inc, it is the leading awards program for digital entrepreneurs and creatives and is open to individuals, companies, non-profit organisations and governments involved in designing, building, managing, maintaining or promoting digital solutions in regional Australia. Our region has a particularly healthy and talented community of ad agencies, website development agencies, graphic designers, digital marketers, and content producers, so the night will be a showcase of the quality our region can produce.

Last year we had four entries in three categories and were unfortunately unsuccessful. This year however we have six entries in four categories as we have much to be proud of in terms of our product and service this year. Here are our entries:

Best Retail Solution – Shannon Hartigan Images

Shannon Hartigan is a well known Newcastle based landscape photographer with a gallery in Hunter Street and his images being seen around the world. Shannon engaged us to provide a website solution that better showcases his stunning work, as well as simplifies the product management process. Taking a premium approach and minimalist design, we set up creating the look and feel Shannon was hoping for. The brief was to create a new look website, with retail ecommerce,  with a modern look, mobile-friendly focus, and the cherry on the top; a custom developed frame-switcher.

Read more about the project in our case study.

Best Retail Solution – Hunter Animal Rescue

Hunter Animal Rescue approached us earlier in the year requesting a redesign and development of their online pet pawtal, focusing on both front and back end. As pet lovers ourselves we jumped at the opportunity and said YES!

The brief was to increase the aesthetic appeal of the website, make it user friendly for interested adopters and carer/care-co-ordinators alike, and to display animals in need of rescue in a visually appealing and stat-packed layout. As a non-for-profit organisation we were also to highlight the path to donations with direct calls to action and easy payment gateways integrated.

Read more about the project in our case study.

Best Retail Solution & Best Website – De Iuliis Wines

De Iuliis Wines approached HyperWeb mid 2018 with a vision of taking their wine club membership online, enabling new members to not only sign up online, but to also be able to update their membership options online with ease, as and when they require. This content was then to automatically sync with De Iuliis Wines business management software Netsuite.
We set out on the project with user experience front of mind. We created a simple and elegant design framework to begin with, utilising a mix of photos and illustrations recently created for the new creative direction of the brand. From there we built out the wine club membership from a user perspective, going through the stages from sign up, to order and finally their account management system. Then the fun began; ensuring all functionality was put in place to create a seamless end-to-end process, whilst ensuring all data was integrated and syncing with Netsuite via a third-party specialist integrator.

Read more about the project in our case study.

Best Educational Solution – New Lambton South Public School

Local school New Lambton South Public School approached us to solve a suite of problems. The school identified a need to provide an appealing public face for new and existing parents. The forward thinking principal also identified a need for a single source of truth for communicating all school information and news.

The website and app product we developed gives the school a single focus point for inbound and outbound communication. The website integrates with their social media, and mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Read more about this project in our case study.

Best Digital Agency – HyperWeb Pty Ltd

We entered this category again based on our development particularly in recent years. We continue to be prolific, solutions oriented, and focussed on our values of creating partnerships and being user-focussed. This has resulted in another year of growth and development, and a higher profile of work being used effectively by clients in the market place.

The company was founded on a principle to provide small business with an affordable means of competition online with their more resourced competitors. Our values are approachability, supportiveness, commitment, flexibility, and progressiveness. We establish partnerships with our clients so they are never left alone in the digital marketplace. Through our partnership approach, we create websites that deliver value to users, so that value is in turn delivered to our clients.

Read more about our development and partnership approach here.

There are a record 100+ entires this yeah, all high quality, and it is a privilege to be listed among them. A full list is available here. It really is a testament to the talent and digital excellence being produced in this region by local companies for local business and beyond. Win, lose, or draw we are looking forward to a night of celebration of ourselves as a team, the work we do in our industry, and our creative community as a whole.

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