Most Read Posts of 2019


We always like to reflect on our work and achievements each year. As 2019 draws to a close, we looked at our most read posts of 2019 and here they are.

1. Blog Post: The Brand Summit 2019 Jess’ Insights and Impressions

Jess joined us in September this year and she attended the 2019 Brand Summit event to kick start her development as HyperWeb’s Marketing Officer. She wrote about her overall insights of the night and the key messages that were of great relevance to her new role and others in the marketing/business industry. Key messages included brand importance, creativity, design and the power of emotion in our constantly evolving business environment. Click here to read Jess’ perspective. 

2. Case Study: De luliis Wines

Lucky enough to be awarded the 2019 Best Retail Solution for De luliis Wines at the Newi Awards was a great achievement. The primary goal for De luliis Wines was to take their wine club membership online and showcase their brand promise. We created a simple and elegant design that captured the new direction of the company. The highlight was creating a system that provides a complete user-controlled experience.

The website was initiative and future – proof that offers a beautiful online experience for all De luliis wine customers. Click here to read more on our project and the process.

3. Blog Post: How To Reach Generation Z & Millenials… By a Gen Z

As marketing moves faster than ever and becomes more complex so do our target audiences we wish to engage with. Millennials and Generation Z might just be one of the hardest generations to please when marketing your products and services. Our own Generation Z marketing officer Jess looked into the number how these generations engage with technology and what purpose. Based on this, Jess shared her ideas about how to use leverage their engagement to your advantage. Learn about these guys here.

4. Blog Post: HyperWeb Wins! Best Retail Solution of the Year

2019 has been a big year for the team at HyperWeb with many achievements to be proud of. One particular achievement was another award! Named Winner of Best Retail Solution with De luliis Wines e-commerce website with a leading wine club management system.

Read more about HyperWeb’s major win and the execution of De luliis website here.

5. Case Study: MarketPlace Raymond Terrace – Digital Marketing Case Study 2019

Since we first looked at the digital marketing and website success of MarketPlace Raymond Terrace in 2016.  The team at HyperWeb are fortunate enough to have been working with MarketPlace for the past 8 years. Our main role has been to help showcase to their loyal customers an experience and their offering via the digital channels they engage with. We have assisted to maintain the website with retailer and promotional content and community news. The teams at HyperWeb and MarketPlace have worked collaboratively with great effort to achieve such standout results. Read more about the growth MarketPlace have experienced.

6. Blog Post: The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Most individuals want to post a photo or content on their social media accounts at a time that ensures their content is going to be seen and receives high engagement. The dilemma we often face is how we can compete in a large flood of posts to be seen. Brendan chose to use 8 studies to form his own opinion on the ideal time of day and day of the week to ensure high reach and engagement from your social media audience. Be sure to read about these key times here. 

7. Blog Post: Digital Marketing – A Shopping Centre Success Story

MarketPlace Raymond Terrace have been great supporters of the Raymond Terrace community. To reach and encourage a community within the shopping centre, the team at HyperWeb came on board to implement social media plans. This involved creating content with calls to action back to their website to achieve an exponential growth. Click here to read more about why digital marketing has worked so well for this community focussed shopping centre.  

8. Book Review: Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly

Brendan always enjoys reading books and offering his insights to our viewers. The most viewed book review this year was Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that will Shape Our Future. This book focused on product development thinking and the 12 trends innovators, inventors and decision makers can apply. Read the book review here and uncover your thinking.

9. Case Study: Euro Patisserie

We had the pleasure of working with Euro to create an updated look and feel in line with their physical redesign of the logo and colour palette. To create a sense of space with the use of white, reflecting the fresh and open atmosphere of the in-store experience. We updated the website to ensure a modern feel with the support of a feature video and mouth-watering imagery. Click here to read more about the enhanced website experience that online shopping users are now able to experience.

10. 10 Year Challenge – Let’s Take a Look Back at 2009

At the start of 2019 we thought it was an idea to participate in the 10-year challenge and reflect on the internet and its capabilities in 2009. From general usage, the use of Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet, real time web growth and we even looked at what Hyperweb’s website looked like in 2009. Click here to be amazed by the significant changes we have seen on the internet.

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